About Us


Hi! I’m Emily. I blog about food at Well fed, flat broke, but I’ve also recently procreated and have a lot to say about life after baby. My hobbies include sleeping through the night, buying diapers on sale, and making excuses for why I haven’t lost what I’m referring to as “baby weight.” I will consider my mothering efforts a success if the baby does not grow up to be a meth-addict or sociopath. I’ve already failed with the cat.


Hello Reader! I’m Sierra. I write a wide range of creative nonfiction, including personal essays, rhetoric, and magazine articles. I also am the writer behind the food blog Vancouver Bites!  I have a teenaged son, who is growing up so fast. So fast, in fact, that I have already begun to plan all the trips I’m going to take the second he turns 18. Four more years! Four mores years!

Sierra and Liam

How We Met

It was through a mutual love of food that Emily and Sierra first connected. The relationship went from following each other’s blogs, to following each other on Twitter, to becoming “friends” on Facebook.

Then one day, the Facebook friendship turned into something more:
Emily: “After a long day of parenting, a bottle of wine for dinner really hits the spot.”
Sierra: “We should be friends. Like, for real. Seems like we have similar parenting strategies.”
Emily: “Not only should we be IRL friends, we should probably write a kick-ass parenting book.”

And that is how Regressive Parenting came to be.


Email us at regressiveparenting (at) gmail (dot) com. We won’t review junk we don’t care about, and definitely not for free, but if you are a vintner, brewer, or distiller and want to help us discover which parenting maneuver goes best with which beer, wine, or mixed drink, we’d be happy to feature your product. Even better if you deliver.

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