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While shit goes down in Texas, Regressive Parenting stands with Wendy

Maybe you’ve been following along with what’s going on in Texas tonight, and maybe you too drank a bottle of pinot grigio from the safety of your Canadian enclave and felt the righteous indignation and fear that comes from a bunch of fucking white men deciding who has the right to speak and who doesn’t.

If you have, and you are angry, know that we stand together. Canada is one bad election from the same anti-woman nonsense American women face every goddamn day; these are dark times. Those of us with a uterus are rightly afraid—our rights are being challenged, our freedom and autonomy threatened. Maybe you’re thinking “whatever, that’s Texas and I’m safe.” Fair enough, because we have all always thought Texas was a little batshit; but the fact of the matter is whether you live in Dallas or Dawson Creek, you need to be aware of the political climate on this godforsaken continent, and the way it so blatantly disregards the rights of women. Half the population. Women. Motherfuckers are acting like we’re a special interest group that can just be ignored.

You know what? I’m fucking loud even when I’m trying to be quiet. And I will not be ignored, whether my pressing issue is a hilarious joke I just thought up or a woman’s right to choose.


This is why we are pro-choice:

  1. I have had a baby. And the second-degree tearing and broken tailbone that ensued because the baby was nine fucking pounds does not seem like the punishment I deserve for having sex with that baby’s father.
  2. I have a toddler. I quite like him, but—again—is this punishment for having sex? Because you should only get into this shit willingly. Unless everyone’s willing to punish men who have sex with the burden of a 30-pound psychopath.
  3. Women will die without access to safe abortion. This shit is for real, Peeps. For realz.
  4. Women are peoples too. They are fully capable to make health choices about their bodies. What if they have trouble deciding what to do? Oh, well, then they can ask their doctor. And that’s where it begins and ends. Women’s health is a two-person club between each woman and her doctor. NO OLD WHITE BOYS ALLOWED.

—Emily and Sierra

2 thoughts on “While shit goes down in Texas, Regressive Parenting stands with Wendy

  1. I agree!! I live in Ky USA, & a persons body is their own!! “God” didn’t give us our bodies for everyone else to use and decide what is done with it!! He said its your temple. Well if I don’t want another human being running around in my temple then God intend ended me to hav that rite!!! The bible was written over 3,yes 3000 years ago!!! They are guide lines and ideas that we as people should use but not follow to the letter!!! If I beat my child to death over their momentary disrespect the world would be empty!!! The bible tells us to beat our children and obey husbands but it also says to HONNOR each other and to HONNOR the women who love us!!! These Texas ass wholes need to go back to the gultch they crawled out of and jump back into the primordial ooz & try again!!!! No one owns any part of anyone else!!! Our bodies, our rites, our voices!!!! Women everywhere should stand together against such ignorance. & arrogance!!!!!

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