Oh, just shut up.



Photo by: Ward Kadel (Concord, CA)

The Problem with Married Couples Who Have No Kids: “A recent study shows that married couples without children are happier than those with, but selfishness will do that to you.” I feel like the “Oh, for fuck’s sake, who gave you a blog?” kind of says itself in this one.

He later goes on to say that the child-free will be sooooo lonely in their old age, and that he will be surrounded by family. But with an attitude like that, I bet he gets moved to a home in a part of town his kids don’t visit. It happens all the time. Don’t think it can’t happen to you, smuggy – karma bites.

Kids, no kids, whatever. How about everyone just stops being a dick about it? The only choices that are your business are the ones you make and have to live with.

Also, are they just letting anyone write for Babble?


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